8D Shandong Flower & Fruit Special

Fr. SGD 1149


✓ Flowers Season Dep: End Mar – End Apr
✓ Qingdao Zhongshan Park “Cherry Blossoms Festival” (青岛中山“樱花节”)
✓ Qingdao Shaoshan Village “Apricot Flowers” (青岛少山村“杏花”)
✓ Bonus: Strawberries Fruit Picking Fun!
✓ Stay at 5* Hotels for Entire Trip!
✓ No Shopping Stops!


  • Century Park Magnolias <20/3-10/4>
  • ShaoShan Village Apricot Flowers <01-10/4>
  • Chateau Changyu Castel-European Wine Cellar
  • Shimei Temple Park Plum Blossoms <20/3-15/4>
  • Front Pier
  • Pichaiyuan Food Street 
  • Zhongshan Park Sakura <10-30/4>
  • Badaguan Scenic Area 
  • Little Fish Hill
  • Former German Governor's Residence


  • Moon Bay
  • Yumeiren Square Tulips <10-30/4> 
  • Yantai Hill


  • Yangjiabu Village


  • Mt. Taishan


  • Peach Orchard Peach Blossoms<01-20/4>


  • Peony Garden<10-25/4> or Shuipo Liangshan Scenic Area


  • Confucius Six Arts City


  • Daming Lake
  • Heihu Spring
  • Botanical Garden Winter Jasmines<20/03-10/04>


  1. Tour Sequence may change, subject to land agent’s final arrangement
  2. The flower blossoms listed in itinerary is subj to season & weather conditions 
  3. All flight detail & tour sequence subject to airline & land agents’ final arrangement.
  4. 1N Zibo Hotel will be replaced by Jinan Hongteng Hotel and 02ways high speed train (PEK-TNA//TAO-PEK) will be provided when flight is PEK In/Out
  5. Please note that Only foldable roll-over bed will be provided in most China hotels for triple sharing room
  6. The availability of Flower Blossom & Fruit Picking are subject to climate & season conditions.
  7. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, the Chinese version shall prevail
  8. Tipping for local guide & driver: Total RMB¥200 Adult & Child Same <Not applicable for Promo tour>

Additional Tours


  1. Qingdao Beer Factory & Museum
  2. Taidong Night Market
  3. Kang You Wei’s Former Residence
  4. Zibo Zhoucun


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Standard Double / Twin Room

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1 child x $ Half Twin

1 child x $ No Bed

Standard Triple Room

2 adults x $ Triple

1 child x $ With Bed

1 child x $ No Bed

Standard Family Room

3 adults x $ Double

1 child x $ No Bed

Standard Family Room

3 adults x $ Double

1 child x $ No Bed

Half Twin
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