Ms Hui Wen

8D NEW 'ALL IN' TAIWAN (25 May - 02 Jun '17). Alex is a very efficient tour guide. He does not pressure us to make purchases at the specialty stores. He is very patient and gives clear explanations regarding the sights.

Mr Daniel Cheung FH

9D7N JEJU.BUSAN.DAEGU.SEOUL (01-09 Jun '17). I would like to commend Mr 李时雨 (Korea tour guide) for his wonderful service provided to our group during our stay in Korea. He is a very polite and responsible tour guide. He is knowledgeable and planned our trip well without any delayed. Everything was well organised and delivered. We enjoyed every moments of the day and glad to have Mr 李时雨as our guide. On behalf of our tour group, I would like showed my gratitude to Mr 李时雨for his dedicated and unreserved services provided to us. We certainly enjoyed this trip. Thank you.

Ms Judy L. Yassin

9D7N JEJU.BUSAN.DAEGU.SEOUL (17-24 May '17). Both are the best Tour Leader & Tour Guide; very patient, professional, hardworking, efficient and acknowledgeable. Both deserve a Star award. Their explanation are always given in great details.

Kim Hoon

9D7N JEJU.BUSAN.DAEGU.SEOUL (17-24 May '17). You have done a great job. Thank you very much!! Always the first person who reached and the last to board the bus/plane. Always take good care of us. Nice to know you. Well Done!! Take Care and All the Best!! Ps: 大汉 is a great Tour Guide in Korea. 
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