Ms Mandy

10D Romance in Greece: 06 - 15 Jun '17. Winnie is super caring on this trip! Always concerned about our safety and comfort such as toilets, food and water. She made us feel safe and comfortable while we explore Greece together.

Mr. Philip Tan

13D Magical of Balkans: 30 May - 11 Jun '17. Chien Hong is efficient, careful about details even cheerful & very helpful. He makes sure his clients are always well-informed & comfortable with all arrangements. He often works very late to satisfy & make sure his clients’ requirements are mostly met with.

Ms Mabel Tan

13D Magical of Balkans: 30 May - 11 Jun '17. Chien Hong has been an excellent tour manager. He is efficient, tactful, very patient and thoughtful. The comfort and satisfaction of his clients are always his main concern. He even goes an extra mile to ensure that his clients’ requirements are met with.

Mr Lee Chee Chew & Ms Tan Hwee Siang

9D7N JEJU. BUSAN.DAEGU.SEOUL (01-09 Jun '17). 导游 : 李时雨先生. 首先,我们很谢谢李时雨导游的全程安排与照顧,讓我们过了一个美好的旅游. 他是个尽责的导游. 对團员的膳食,酒店住宿等的安排,都会确定妥当后才会做其他事故。他也很注意大家的安全. 他对韩国的历史与地方事物讲解详细,很精彩. 也了解中国的历史,是很難的. 教大家几句韩语、也不会强我们购买土产. 总之,他的态度,服务大家的精神,我们非常滿意。
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