8D Eat, Play, Love Tasmania


Eat, Play and Love Tasmania! All foodies out there, Get your treat from Barilla Bay Oyster Farm,Fruit Wines from Sorell Fruit Farm to Launceston cuisines!

fr SGD 3038/PAX

8D Taste of Kyushu Kutsurogi


Kyushu, haven of Hotsprings! Visit Beppu Sea Hell Valley known for the town of hot-springs where smoke spews out everywhere from underground, what a sight! Take the cruise out to sea and watch the wild dolphins play! Also visit Sakurajima, Safari Park, Kumamoto Castle and more!

fr SGD 2449/PAX

8D Perfect Korea

South Korea

fr SGD 1349/PAX

8/10D Silkroad Wonders


Lanzhou - Zhangye - Jiuquan - Dunhuang

fr SGD 1049/PAX

7D New Colours of Honshu (Mt Takao)


Not just your usual Honshu! Visit Mt Takao, highly visited by locals only, experience the seasons passed from Spring to Autumn. Visit Green Tea Farm and a experience Kaiseki meal, Hachioji Morning Market, Instant Ramen Museum and more! Exclusive 2N stay at Keio Plaza Hotel!

fr SGD 2249/PAX

10D Goldcoast + Sydney + Melbourne


Visit Goldcoast\'s Paradise Country Farm, Sydney\'s Whale Watching Cruise, Melbourne\'s Phillip Island and many more! There’s nothing like a zoo without fences. Get up close and personal with Australia’s unique wildlife such as Koalas, Kangaroos and Emus at the Paradise Country Farm and Maru Koala and Animal Park.

fr SGD 3138/PAX

7D Goldcoast + Sydney


Enjoy a beautiful evening stroll at Gold Coast\'s Surfers\' Paradise Beach! Immerse with tons of Fresh Seafood at Sydney Famous Seafood Market!

fr SGD 2538/PAX

11D Wonders Of Europe


Switzerland - Germany - France - Belgium - Netherland

fr SGD 2448/PAX

8/10D Jiuzhai Valley, Mt Emei/+Hailuo Valley


Jiuzhai Valley - The Fairy World on the Earth, an unique beauty that is no similar scene in the world, known as one of the most beautiful landscape in the world.

fr SGD 749/PAX

5D Magical Hong Kong

Hong Kong / Macau

STAY 1 night at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel and enjoy 2 Days of fun-filled rides and activities in the theme-park! Then visit the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck and choose your itinerary either to Lantau Island or to Ocean Park! Isn\'t that a great deal?!

fr SGD 1249/PAX

12D Spectacular West Coast America

United States

fr SGD 2738/PAX

11D Spectacular West Coast America

United States

fr SGD 3438/PAX
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