10D Mystery Of Turkey


The One and Only city built on two continents: Asia and Europe. Explore The Blue Mosque, largest and architectural site of Istanbul, and be astonished by one of the world renowned heritage site, Cotton Castle in Pamukkale.

fr SGD 1149/PAX

9D All In Korea Deluxe

South Korea

An expansion of our award winning tour programmes, as certified by the Korea Tourism Organisation for being one of the 8 Best Korea tour programmes in the world. Daebak!

fr SGD 1249/PAX

8D Beijing, Chengde, Tianjin


Visit the Capital of China! Summer Palace and cruise on Kunming Lake, then to the Mini Potala Palace, Great Wall of China and more!. Stay at the local 5* Chunhuiyuan Hotspring Resort to take away all that stress!

fr SGD 849/PAX

8D Shandong All In Super Brand


Yudaishan Hot Spring - China\'s first Japanese-style Hot Spring, enjoy a dip in the Hot Spring to relax your body & soul.

fr SGD 949/PAX

7D The Beauty Of Nagano


See the beauty of Nagano! Exclusive 2N stay at Shirakaba Ikenotaira Hot-spring & Ski Resort! Visit Silhouette Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, 3D Trick Art Museum, Kawagoe Koedo, Wild Snow Monkey Park(Dec-Mar) and enjoy sumptuous longevity mushroom meal at the Mushroom Village.

fr SGD 2749/PAX

8D Fantastic Guilin, Yangshuo, Hezhou


Appreciate and take in the wonder that is Silver Rock, “The World Limestone Rock Miracle”. Featuring stalactites of different geologic ages and many grand, marvelous and mysterious scenic spots.

fr SGD 949/PAX

8D Hokkaido Dai-Manzoku


Blue Pond: One of the main destinations in Furano and Asahikawa this pond, it comes from the effect of minerals naturally dissolved in the water and the colour will change due to different season.

fr SGD 2249/PAX

7D Wakayama + Mie World Heritage


Undergo the ultimate Japan heritage experience, with visits to ancient shrines and castles and trying the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, but also not forgetting the natural wonders like Nachi Waterfall, one of Japan’s tallest waterfalls.

fr SGD 2249/PAX

7D Hi! Seoul

South Korea

Say Hi! to Seoul!! The capital of South Korea. Home to all your favourite cuisines, drama shows, music, culture, language, etc! Visit DMZ, Daewallyeong Sheep Farm, Provence Village, Petite France, Myeongdong, etc. Then watch the New! Wedding Muscial Show! by the directors of NANTA! So much to see and experience!

fr SGD 1449/PAX

8D Classic Shanxi Experience


Exprience China through Shanxi. Visit Hukou Waterfall, Yungang Grottoes, Mt Wutai, etc. Then the Wonders of China; Xuankong Temple, Pingyao Ancient City, Qiao Family Compound, etc.

fr SGD 749/PAX

9D Jiangnan, Shanghai Special


Haining Yanguan Ancient Town - one of the top spots for watching the famous Qiantang River tidal bore.

fr SGD 349/PAX
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